Many web designers claim to apply their 'design skills' when working on your project but in truth, all too many simply drop a cheap template, around your company logo or brand, fiddle with the colour scheme and shazam.... your brand new website is ready!!

Others will have designers that they outsource to - often not even in the UK - and simply struggle to offer the required support your business needs. Sound familiar?

That's not our idea of custom web design at all!

Custom web design should be far more than just the design. Sure, every element of the site design should be created with your online business objectives in mind - BUT it goes far beyond what the finished website looks like.

At Online Design we pride ourselves not only creating great designs - all created by our in house design team; Kevin, Kirstie & Maria - but providing you with a personal service to make sure you get the very best out of us and you get the very best from your website.

Custom Website Design

What good is a website that only succeeds in:

  • Making it difficult for your visitors to use
  • Yields no return on your hard earned investment - I'm talking about both your time & money!
  • Badly lacks the support - ( be very wary of the Nephew of your friends' Sister - you have been warned!)
  • Charges an arm & a leg for every update - assuming you can even get an update done

Considerations when choosing who should work with:

  • Can you contact the designer anytime (even out of hours)
  • Will they understand your requirements fully?
  • Are you confident they can deliver what they promise?
  • Are you happy that the price quoted will be the final price & not be hit with nasty add-ons?
  • Will they be around for the next 10yrs or more?
  • and finally.....if YOU don't value your online business & success enough to invest in it properly, how do you expect others too?

It amazes us how often we see £100 spent on a website - yes, £100 - and the site owner wonders why it looks rubbish, doesn't work in all browsers, gets no orders or sales leads (except other web designers trying to get him to upgrade!) & support is none existent. Sooner or later, those that take this route realise it is false economy & increases hair loss by up to 50% in a very short space of time ;-)

Proper custom web design does not have to cost the earth - get in touch, & you'll see!

Ok, we'll climb down off our high horse now! But if you want a true custom web design that packs a punch, great support and & a return on your investment, get in touch today for a no obligation quote.

We guarantee you won't regret it. It's not luck that most of our new clients are recommended to us by our happy band of existing, long standing customers.