Website Redesign - Things To Consider

Oct 9, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Your website should immediately impact visitors with a clear message as to what you or your company does and why they should choose or remain with you. These key areas need to be communicated clearly and efficiently if you want your website to work for you.

Analyse Your Current Website

Identifying where your current website is succeeding and where it is failing is the first step in ensuring your redesign is an improvement on your current online presence.

  1. What works?
  2. What doesn't work?
  3. Can information be easily found?
  4. Is the product or service you offer summarised effectively on the homepage?
  5. Is it easy for them to contact you?
  6. Does the look of the website convey your company image positively?

What Is Your Websites Primary Function?

  1. To generate sales leads and attract potential clients
  2. To sell products or services
  3. A portfolio or brochure to showcase your work
  4. Serve the needs of existing clients

Determining your websites main function is the first decision you need to make in order to point you design team in the right direction.

Does Your Budget Reflect Your Website Expectations?

Will your website be your primary source of sales and leads? If yes then you need to ensure you don't cut corners with cheap design and off the peg websites. Make sure your designer can provide the functionality and custom design required.

Identify Your Key Selling Point

What makes your company or product stand out from the crowd? What do you need your website designer to emphasise in order for customers to understand you are the best choice for them?

Your Image

How should the visual aspect of the design portray your company or service? Professional? Quirky? Modern? Traditional? This can make a huge difference to the website design, make sure you are clear about how you want to present yourself.

Directing Visitor Response

Designers use call to actions to direct visitors, what do you need them to do?

  1. Complete a contact form
  2. Request a quote
  3. Fill out a survey
  4. Download a brochure
  5. Request a visit
  6. Call you

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