The Return Of Bright Gradients & Patterned Backgrounds

Feb 1, 2018 -- Posted by : admin

We're going to be seeing bright gradients and creative backgrounds as design trends become loud in 2018! Functionality and responsive design led websites towards a very clean and almost bland look over the past few years but use of acidic colour and design with personality is definitely making a come back.

Patterned Backgrounds

While the clean minimalist look of the past decade is all well and good often there is generic feel to many websites. There are several elements of this though that it's important to retain as we fall back in love with pattern and colour. For a website to remain functional it is important that visitor experience is the designers number one priority and while we want to see personality we need to make sure this doesn't result in a busy website where the user doesn't know what to look at and how to react. This new flavour of design if done well will can enhance user experience and guide visitors.

Gradients in design

It will be important to ensure that the company branding is complimented by the choice of pattern and colour. While contrasting colours are commonly used for call to actions to lead the user around the website, over use or colours that don't flatter, can have the opposite effect.

Split Screen

Bright colours will also be a key feature of another 2018 design trend that will see two tone and split screen design used in both a conceptual and a eye catching way.

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