Online Design Launches Sister Company - Skyline Pictures Drone Photography & Video

Aug 21, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Skyline Pictures was born 2016 when the owner and SUA pilot Kevin re-ignited his passion for photography by taking to the skies with a SUSA (Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft) to capture pictures simply unattainable from the ground or even an elevated vantage point.

However, it soon became apparent that you can't just go buy a drone, rock up to some location of your choosing and fly the thing! No, if you want to shoot pictures or video for clients commercially using a SUSA (Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft) or drone as commonly known, you need to attend a reputable flight school to learn the rules of the skies and aviation as well as become an airman (plus much more) then write what is called an Operations Manual of some 50+ pages and THEN take an actual flight test - not unlike taking a driving test - before the CAA will grant you permissions to fly (assuming you pass of course!).

This whole process spanning several months and quite some invest time & money, is covered in another article which I would encourage you to read as it offers quite an insight into how one gains Permissions to Fly and achieve CAA Permissions for Commercial Operation (PfCO) but for now, we're glad we made that investment of time and money to be able to offer clients a great aerial photography & video service right here in Derby, Derbyshire & around the UK.

We have already taken to the skies in Yorkshire for a Triathlon event, Oxford photographing Solar Panels, Local Football Stadium, and other local events. Further afield we have flown along parts of the Cornish coast and even in Fuerteventura with lots more waiting to be explored.

We are already looking very busy over the coming months and will be eager to showcase our work here as often as we can. If you have a project in mind that could use aerial photography and or video, get in touch, we'd love to chat with you.


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