New Ecommerce Website For Deb's Kitchen Cakes

Aug 30, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Deb's Kitchen Cakes already had a website when they approached us to revamp not only the look but also the features and checkout process. Requiring some specific features such as 'Image upload' for personalised cake/toppers ordering and fast checkout, the end result has increased traffic and orders through the site.

Their current website is now the second one we have built for them. The new design is fully mobile responsive and it is built on the new wider specification seen to accommodate modern larger screens. They have recently chosen to make the retail side of their business their main focus and so the website has been redesigned to reflect this. We have used a very customer friendly layout to make it easy for those navigating the website to find what they need. The clients have full control over the product and category information making it easy for them to keep everything up to date and to monitor sales.

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