Mobile Responsive Website For Securiscape

Aug 29, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

We have recently completed a new mobile responsive website for our clients Securiscape, an anti-terror and anti-ram solutions company, who are working alongside the Government to develop a range of innovative UK-designed and manufactured products capable of saving lives and protecting property.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Making certain websites are mobile responsive is now an essential requirement for all. Not only does it ensure that your products and services are accessible from a variety of platforms, it also means you won't be penalised by search engines and harm your ability to be found online.

Our design for Securiscape needed to be in keeping with their strong brand, we used their bold colour scheme and enhanced it with complimentary contrasting colours to highlight key information and draw the eye. The products are the main focus of the website, the high-quality imagery was an essential ingredient in showcasing Securiscape's catalogue. The website is clearly laid out to make it easy for visitors to find what they need while using a layout that can be easily added to as the range of products grows. Security standards are a key selling point and so this was taken into consideration as was the placement of several calls to action and clear and easily found contact information.

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