3 Reasons Why American Express Can Boost Your Online Sales

Jul 17, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Did you know that 28% of small e-businesses transactions are abandoned on the payment page.** A main cause is by simply not offering your customers their preferred payment method.

Offering additional payment methods to your checkout process like American Express, can help reduce your dropout rates and keep your buyer where you want them… in your checkout!

Here are 3 reasons that can help Improve dropout, or abandoned cart rates, by accepting American Express

1. Attract high spend customers
With no pre-set spending limit American Express cardholders have a higher average spend compared to other card types

2. Pricing
There are NO additional setup or monthly fees to start accepting American Express when used via a payment gateway such as SagePay. Like other credit cards all you pay is a percentage of the transaction which is dependent on your business sector.

3. Enhanced Security
American Express is both the card issuer and the acquirer, minimising your risk of fraud and chargebacks.

So, if you’re finding that your online store has a lot of dropped orders or abandoned carts, it might be worth looking at your payment options and offering more choices…. it could make all the difference!

**e-business Benchmark Report 2013


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