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Aerial Video & Photography

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Aerial Video & Photography

CAA Approved & Fully Insured.

Welcome to an exciting medium of Drone Aerial Photography & Video that opens many opportunities for the marketing and promotion of practically any business. It can also aid many aspects of business such as land or property surveys for example, Architects or Property Agents.

Whether it's pictures for your website or a complete marketing video, Aerial Photography and Video can set you and your business (literally) head and shoulders above your competitors. Whether you are an architect and require surveys or property inspections, a show reel of completed projects, sports events, leisure facilities or Estate Agents looking to sell that dream home, Online Design and our Sister company - Skyline Pictures - will be be able to cater for your needs.

What about housing developments, to produce a completely different approach to time-lapse imagery? Maybe you work in news or government? We cater for all needs, big or small. Maybe you're a Golf Club? What better way to show how fabulous your course looks than from the air?

Online Design are proud to have taken the ICARUS Internationally Recognised Certificate Of Approval to fly SUAS - Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems - or SUSA - Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft - having seen a number of our clients request such imagery or video for their website.

Whilst drones are increasingly available for the public to purchase, only a qualified operator who has received Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO) may use a drone for material gain. Please be careful! Anyone offering to operating a drone for your business (including the Chairmans Nephew!) without the correct permission AND insurance is operating outside the law and may be liable to prosecution. That means you could be in trouble too!

We are delighted to have gained CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO) - which allow us to undertake most Commercial Flying Operations. Our insurance covers up to £10m of liability so you can rest assured you are dealing with qualified, safe operators that not only have undertaken the best training with the highest standards but are also well rehearsed on all aspects of flying drone aircraft safely and legally.

Civil Aviation Authority ApprovedInternational Certificate Of Approval For Remote Unmanned Systems

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